One Giant Leap for the Strickling Family

Airis by the shop

The last couple of months have been… well… not what we expected.  John and I, when leaving our lovely home, with its low mortgage payments and its reassuring familiarity, knew we were taking quite a large risk as a family.  Our home sold in days, literally, three days.  To make things crazier, it sold for exactly the amount that I told John I knew it would sell for.  It seemed like everything was going our way. 

We moved in with John’s parents and the search for the house with a space for John’s shop commenced.  We already had a property in mind we wanted.  This property had been on the market for three years with no interest, banked owned, it was ours, and we could feel it.  Imagine our surprise when we discovered the day prior to our offer, there was an offer made for nearly full asking price, something we could not afford.

Meanwhile, my job was quickly becoming unbearable.  It sounds strange to say that, as I have been through a lot in my life and stressful job would not typically be something that would cause me to become unglued.  The best explanation that I have is that God’s grace lifted from that situation and I was no longer meant to stay there.

The search for the house was fruitless.  We looked at everything remotely close to what we wanted within an hour of home town, and looked, and looked, until it became clear that whatever house we were to purchase had yet to come on the market.  More disheartening, this meant that I would need to spend more time at my job, as we needed the stable work history for a loan.

It seemed that everything we thought was supposed to happen, was not.  We felt stuck, yet unable to remain where we were, as it was causing us to slowly go insane.

So, we did something crazy.  We took a bigger risk, turning Wild Grace Workshop into our full-time endeavor. Right now, John is fixing the barn to weatherproof it, interestingly enough this was the very thing we were trying to avoid by selling the house.

Knowing the house hunt was on hold for a while, and desperately needing space for our family, we moved into an apartment. A two bedroom with rent more expensive than our three bedroom house, ah, renting.

Then, I quit my job.

That’s right, with nothing lined up, just a pocketful of cash from the sale of our home. We have made the decision together, more accurately, felt led to make the decision, to make a real go for it.  Up to this point John has acted more as a passionate hobbyist than a business owner, with the distant hope of someday doing this full-time.  This is really what I love about this business, he is simply doing what he was made to do.  

I've said before the promise for adventure was in our wedding vows and we have never been a pair to shirk from a challenge.  So, together, we are starting our lives over. New apartment, no jobs, just a dream, some leather, and some walnut.  (Sound dramatic enough?) Oh what fun, scary, yes, but fun.