New Ventures

I Make things, I do not Write well, I do not articulate myself well, I work with my hands not my words. so bear with me. I know this is a little gushy for a fist blog post, It says nothing about what I'm doing or whats on the bench.  But I think that this new beginning needs to be focused not on me, But on the person who truly made it happen.  My Lovely wife Allison.

Looks like we have the site up and stable!  while its still in the process of being flushed out It is a huge step for us, and a leap of faith.  I have always been driven to create, to take raw materials and to shape and mold and in many cases pound them into shape.  But it has always been something I do for me and me alone.  Something I never thought had much worth out side of myself. Then I met my Wife, my shining ray of love and support.  It is her and her alone that pushed me to appreciate and love the things that I do, and to see them as worthy.  It is her continued support that made me want to share the things I do with those close to me, and now, with you the world at large.  Thank You Allison for you Love, and Support.

It is My hope for you, that you have someone like her in your life.  It is my hope and prayer for the world, that each of us is that person to others.