The Guild

We know we are not the only ones who struggle with imposter sydrome, but the effects can hurt in many ways.  

Despite hundreds of hours, several years, and a steady demand for products, it's hard to recognize the results of the hard work.  Luckily, the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsman did recognize John's skill, and he has been accepted as a guilded artist for his excellence in leatherworking.  

This weekend we had our first show with the guild in the beautiful setting of the base of the pinnacle in Berea, at Indian Fort Theatre.  Oddly our space was almost the same as where we are each year for the Berea Craft Festival. 

Connecting with other artists and meeting those who are also obsessed with the quality of their work is always encouraging.  It's exciting to be a part of keeping the arts alive and appreciating true craftsmanship.  

We look forward to next year!