Making it Right

When we say handmade, we’re serious. Our materials are real and often behave unexpectedly.  That is part of the joy and the art in what John creates. 

A leather side may have a brand that we love and we design the bag around that, only for the brand to create a pucker in the leather, so, the bag needs to be recreated.  Our wood may have a beautiful knot in it, so we design the lid of a photography box to showcase that knot, only to have it chip away when we laser the top.

There is a reason you don’t see real materials with character in everyday pieces.  It takes work to make them right.  Using a piece of hardwood with straight and simple grain patterns is using something predictable, so you know the lid you make is the only lid you will make. 

Using a piece of chromium tanned leather, something that has been sheered down and a leather pattern stamped back into it, it’s easy to work with, it’s consistent.  It is also completely devoid of character and something that is going to break down.  We won’t do it.

Making something that will last forever, and will be beautiful forever isn’t easy, but it’s our passion.

It may mean to create that custom leather bag right; we need to make two.  Because it is a custom piece, our client may have a different direction they decide to go, and the work we put into the previous design is scrapped. 

It may mean that to give the quality customer service we pride ourselves in, that we need to go above and beyond to fix every mistake that happens along the way, and they happen, because, things are handmade. 

That is part of making it right, first, we make the piece the right way, then, if any issue ever arises, we make that right.

We stand by what we do, every piece, every stitch, every box, it represents us.