A Box, A Baby, and We

We released a new product today, our baby Album Box.  Something that has been brewing in my mind for a while now, but I wanted it to be interesting and special.  We never had the time to sit down and make a pretty little baby album for our daughter.  We were too busy recovering, and sleeping, loving and snuggling her to set aside the time to do that.  But we wanted to keep ahold of all those things that are truly unique.

All of our sonogram pictures, where we started watching her grown from a tiny pea sized blob, to the little princess that’s scream singing LET IT GO in the other room as I write this.  We put in the positive test that changed our lives.

 We were married only a few weeks when we found out we were pregnant.  I remember us standing in the living room.  Just sort of staring off into the ether.  Joy, and terror.  Excitement and trepidation.  Thousands of emotions, fears and hopes building in the silence.  We are filling this little box up with Airis’s childhood.  The little baubles and whatsits that are the mind’s time machines.  Taking you back to a snippet in time to live and breathe and soak yourself in. a Pin from Dinsney, where she got to bury herself in the arms of Sully, to step into the imaginary play land she could only see on the screen and in her mind.  The little hat she wore home, when she was still new and smelled like baby powder and fresh rain.  I’m laying all of our memories in this box, not to forget them, but to be able to live in them anytime I want.


I am also now, building another one for us to put on the shelf next to it…  Wish us Luck!