A Beautiful Thing: Beyond Photography Packaging

One of the greatest parts of what we do.... no, the greatest part of what we do, is the relationships we build.  Because so much of our work is custom, especially when we work with photographers, we have the opportunity to dialogue and build relationships which we would otherwise never have. 

As we've said before, this is more of a ministry than a business for us.  We love to give, and do often.  It is really amazing to see the same heart in the photographers we work with. It is remarkable to see people go above and beyond what could be expected and use their gifts and talents to bless others. 

Our friends Nina and Wes are hosting a workshop in Nepal.  These two are incredibly skilled photographers who have so much to offer to others.  What is so amazing though, is that they are using this workshop to bless a family there and to give back.  I have never heard of anything like this and I am blown away.  

Another photographer, Lexia Frank, heard of the workshop and decided to deeply discount a wedding and give all proceeds to the cause.  Furthermore, she is giving one of our boxes as part of this package.  

We are so proud to be a part of the story of what is to happen.  

Information about The Beyond Workshop can be found at http://ninaandwes.com/workshops-2/

Information regarding Lexia's wedding giveaway can be found at http://www.lexiafrank.com/blog/2014/12/22/the-beyond-workshop-wedding-giveaway

Photo Provided By Lexia Frank Photography