There is something profound about making something with your own two hands. There is something special about giving that gift to someone. It says that you put thought into it; it says they are worth your time.  We believe every child should have that sense of value.  We want your children, and the less fortunate in the community to both feel worthy of having something made, just for them.

"Grace A Child" began Christmas of 2014.  When I opened the shop to friends and family to join me while I made toys for my daughter Airis.  It quickly snowballed into more than we expected.   

If I'm going to make one toy, I might as well make 20, and that means I will also have 19 toys to give away.

The Idea was: We open up the shop to everyone who wants to help. they can come, learn about woodworking, and get their hands dusty.  Learn a skill, make something for their children, and for children in need.  Win, Win.

Then, the local News heard about what we were doing, and asked to do a story on it. From there Home Depot also got wind and donated to the cause.  We had lots of folks come and help. We got to laugh, and build, and get dirty. It was awesome. 

I really loved it, it was a profoundly powerful moment in my life, to grace a child in need with my craft. What began as an exercise in efficiency and frugality, will became a part of my holiday season from here on.  

It is my hope that this idea will spread. This year we plan on making it even bigger, we want to partner with more businesses, work with more shops to help them open to the public. We want the professional and hobbyist alike to put aside projects. Donate their time. and talent and to help us make a difference.

In the End, we made well over 75 toys to give away to both Toys for Tots, and a local Charity, the Toy Chest.

75 Small lives, that I hope, we all made a little better.

Thank You


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