Wild Grace Workshop is dedicated to partnering with other artists.  If you are a photographer interested in custom packaging, contact us with your vision and let us make a package that reflects the beauty of the images inside

All of the Wild Grace Packaging is made from locally grown and sustainability harvested hardwoods. Every item is made entirely by Wild Grace Workshop.  

Some things to note about our Boxes:

  • Our Pre-designed Boxes are designed to fit photos sized at 4.5 x 6, which fit into the boxes perfectly so that every time you open the lid, your photos are neat and organized. 
  • Our custom made boxes are a unique collaboration between us and our clients.  Each box is different, and designed to meet the specific needs of an individual. Contact us with your needs and we will endeavor to bring your vision to life. 
  • We use finger and splined miter joinery for our boxes. It’s clean and understated appearance allows the wood to be center stage.  
  • Our boxes are finished with a hand applied and buffed Oil based finish.  This oil is applied only to the outside of the box, the inside remains un-oiled, eliminating any chance that the finish may bleed onto and stain your photographs. 
  • Please allow us two weeks to create and ship your order.