Here's just a few of the custom projects we have done. 

Shadowbox Frame, Jan 2015

Created for a local author and friend to celebrate and honor the publication of his first book.  

The red padauk chosen sets off the red in the book cover and contrasts nicely with the maple splines. 


photography packaging, May 2014

Custom photography packaging designed to fit exact specifications. 


Bourbon Display Case, Aug 2014

Made from wormy chestnut, a nearly extinct wood that is now illegal to harvest. This custom box came from wood reclaimed from a distillery in Burgin Kentucky which had just been torn down.  

The box was made to hold, protect, and display, a pre-prohibition era bottle of bourbon, which had come from the exact distillery whose wood was used to create this box. 

This was also a birthday present for a family member, and bourbon lover, from a couple here in Kentucky

messenger Bag, Sep 2015

A collaboration between two artists. This bag was designed by local photographer Wes Mullins to meet exacting specifications.  From the color, to the very piece of leather the bag was created from, wes had a hand in nearly all of this bag's creation, watching as it came together.