Wild Grace Workshop currently consists of John and his wife Allison (me).  In our wedding vows John and I promised each other a life of adventure.  We vowed to honor and love each other; and we vowed that we would push one another to pursue our dreams.  Wild Grace Workshop is the result of those promises. 

Drawn together by our uniqueness and passion, John and I perfectly encompass the “opposites attract” cliché.  I am the extroverted artist, speak before you think, type A personality, go-getter.  John is the steady introverted, think everything through to the umpteenth degree, finish what you started, figure out how it works person.  We both have the bizarre combination of artistic perfectionism. We are drawn together by our pursuit for purpose and unrelenting, at times foolish, love for each other.  Partner that with our passion and desire to do what God asks of us and you find Wild Grace. 

Starting a business is difficult, especially with your spouse.  However, I have found that this process has led me to fall more deeply, hopelessly, madly in love with my husband.  The passion and honor we have for each other comes out in our work.  Honoring our customers, loving our business, is a support to one another’s dreams and passions. 

The very first product made under Wild Grace Workshop was a gift.  John and his buddies have a guy’s night each Tuesday. There, they smoke pipes and cigars, drink fine beers or bourbons, and talk about Jesus.  Each week John’s friend Sam came with a ridiculous giant plastic bag, unable to find something quality to fit his pipes and tobacco.  For Sam’s birthday John created a leather pipe bag, perfectly sized to fit his needs.  John surprised Sam with the gift at a BBQ, and there our friend and wedding photographer, Nina, caught a glimpse of it.  She wondered, could he do something out of wood for photographs?  Even though wood and leatherwork are completely unrelated skills, John just happened to have a passion for both.

So, what began as a surprise gift for a friend became a surprise gift for our family, a business.