photography provided by Wes Mullins

Even when paying top dollar, the things we buy break down and lose value.  Skilled craftsmen and artisans are no longer cultivated in today's market.  We believe that needs to change. 


Our Mission

Wild Grace Workshop is committed to using only the finest materials and working with customers to give them exactly what they want. We believe that quality ingredients and a listening to our clients set our products apart.  Whether ordering thread from England or handpicking air dried wood slabs from local sawyers, or spending hours on training and researching industry best practices, quality means everything

One of the most beautiful things I have ever been given...It’s so perfect.
— Alisha, Louisville, Kentucky


What's So Special?

  • We source all of our lumber Locally, supporting Kentucky Owned and operated saw mills, harvesting hardwoods in a sustainable manner.  
  • Each piece of lumber is hand picked, choosing wood that truly tells the story of its life.  We love texture and character, making every panel unique and beautiful.  
  • All leather is vegetable tanned, meaning it will never break down because it was not chemically treated.  This is unlike almost anything else you can find. 
  • This leather has character. You will see that our leather products have many of the natural markings from the actual cow hide, including bug bites.  
  • Because it is not chemically treated, our leather will always smell good. 
  • Polyester fibers are long and stable fibers, that give it unparalleled strength and UV resistance.  Parachutes and sailors who sail across the ocean, use polyester thread, so do we. 
  • All stitching is hand stitched, using an ancient and tested stitch called an English Saddle Stitch.