John Strickling brings a genuineness that I challenge anyone to match in the world of business.  Coming from an entrepreneurial family, his genuine value for his customers goes deeper than a simple transaction.  His heart is to help customers find their identity and mission, and present that mission clearly through a beautiful presentation.  

Allison Strickling Graduated from Midway College with a bachelor's in Business and another bachelor's degree in English.  She has several years of marketing experience and genuinely enjoys empowering businesses for success.  Allison's experience provides her with unique and out-of-the-box insights as to how to market a business.  Her experience and education with writing help to provide customers with the assurance of a cohesive mission and quality web-content.    

Our desire to see small businesses thrive is unmatched.  To us, this is more than a business, this is our ministry.